Kevin McAleer

geboren 1961 in Santa Monica

Kevin McAleer was born in Santa Monica, California in 1961. He received his doctorate in history from the University of California and now lives in Berlin where he works as a writer and translator. His short stories have been published both in American magazines as well as in the German satire magazine Titanic, in taz and in TIP magazine. He is co-author of the story collection Zwei Amerikaner im deutschen Exil (1998; 2016), author of the award-winning play Bombay by the Spree (2010), the novels Surferboy (2007; 2015) and Berlin Tango (2016) and the historical monograph Dueling: The Cult of Honor in Fin-de-Siècle Germany (1994; 2014) which was honored by the Encyclopaedia Britannica as one of their “Books of the Year.” He has recently brought to completion his decade-long project “Errol Flynn: A Life in Verse,” which is a book-length, mock-epic poem on the swashbuckling Hollywood actor.

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